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Patient contact information Anaesthetics Department: 020 8934 2274/2

The Anaesthetic department is one of the largest departments in the Trust comprising 30 consultant anaesthetists, 8 non-consultant career grade specialty doctors and 18 trainees in training posts from the St Georges School of Anaesthesia.

We are supported by a nurse specialist in acute inpatient pain management.

We are doctors trained in anaesthesia, providing elective and emergency anaesthetic services to all departments in the Trust, in seven main operating theatres and four day surgery theatres.

We are also the doctors managing the Critical Care Unit, (CCU), the acute and chronic pain services, providing anaesthetic services to the maternity department, the Assisted Conception Unit, ( and the outpatient dental suite (Princess Alexandra Suite).


In addition, we provide consultant anaesthetic clinics to the pre-operative assessment service, for the higher risk surgical patients assessing and improving their fitness for surgery ( ),  and the antenatal obstetric unit reviewing ladies antenatally who may need additional anaesthetic input and advice before their baby is born.

We strive to improve the quality of care that we deliver to patients through our educational services, many of our doctors also providing educational and teaching in the high fidelitysimulation suite.

In November 2015 we were awarded Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation (ACSA) ‘award’ by the Royal College of Anaesthetists , .   


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What is an ‘Anaesthetic’ ?


Anaesthetics stops you feeling pain and other sensations. They can be given in various ways and via various routes.

General anaesthesia involves giving you drugs, (either as an injection into your vein or by breathing anaesthetic ‘gases’), to make you unconscious and pain free. It is essential for some operations.

Local anaesthesia involves injections which numb a small part of your body. You stay conscious but free from pain.

Regional anaesthesia, (an anaesthetic ‘block’), involves injections which numb a particular area of your body, ie; just your arm or just your legs will be numb.


A regional block can include a spinal block , an epidural anaesthetic block ( or an injection to numb your arm.

Leaflets for a variety of ‘blocks’ can be found at the Royal College of Anaesthetists website via this link

You stay conscious but free from pain.

In addition to the ‘block’, you can have some sedation (see below) if you need it.

Sedation is the use of small amounts of anaesthetic or similar drugs to produce a ‘sleepy-like’ state. It makes you physically and mentally relaxed during an investigation or procedure which may be unpleasant or painful (such as an endoscopy). You may remember a little about what happened or you may remember nothing. You can have some sedation whilst you have a regional ‘block’.

Once the surgeon has seen you in outpatients and decided that you need an operation , you must attend an appointment in the pre assessment clinic. Failure to attend this may result in your operation being delayed.

At the preassessment appointment the nurse, or doctor, will assess you, ask you some questions about your health, do some investigations and some blood tests will be taken.

You will be given some information leaflets and given some advice about ‘fasting’, (not eating), before your operation.


If you are coming in for an operation at Kingston Hospital please follow our links below to find out further information about what will happen to you on the day of your operation either as an inpatient or in the day surgery unit.


Further information can be found at ;


Royal College of Anaesthetists website for patient information leaflets.


Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland website for children and young adults patient information leaflets.


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Consultant Anaesthetic Staff

Department Number 020 8546 7711 ext. 2272/2274


Dr H Alsahaf               


Dr D Arces                   Clinical lead for critical care unit


Dr A Blyth                   


Dr J Boyle                    Clinical lead for anaesthetics


Dr B Buxton                


Dr D Cheyne                 


Dr A Curtis


Dr I Ganesaratnam


Dr P Gandhimani        Clinical lead for chronic pain


Dr T Gowripalann


Dr A Girgis


Dr J Glynn


Dr P Goyal


Dr S Howsam                                                             


Dr N Husain


Dr A Joseph


Dr G Kar


Dr S Khan


Dr R Kumar


Dr P Kuo


Dr L Ma


Dr S Maitra


Dr R Mottaleb


Dr S Nizar


Dr K Paramesh


Dr V Peciuliene


Dr S Puranik


Dr B Ratnayake


Dr N Richards


Dr S Sharaf


Dr R Stacey


Dr C Stableforth


Dr K Stringer


Dr R Waddington


Consultants and key staff

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