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Kingston Hospital, Roehampton Wing, Level 4

Galsworthy Road Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT2 7QB
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Patient contact information For further advice: 0208 934 6406

Welcome to the Audiology Service at Kingston Hospital , Queen Mary's Hospital and Surrey Community

Our Service

The Audiology service offers a whole system approach to diagnose, manage and treat disorders of the ear such as hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. The team dispense hearing aids and hearing implants, counsel individuals and families through a new diagnosis of hearing loss, teach communication coping and compensation skills, provide advice on hearing protection to prevent hearing loss, evaluate and treat balance disorders and assess and support patients with tinnitus.

Our Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to provide high quality healthcare services to children, young people and adults in the geographical areas covered by our contracts.

Our overarching vision is to achieve the best possible outcomes for all, by demonstrating the Trust’s shared values in all we do. These are to be caring, safe, responsible and to value each other.

Customer Service is central to this. Promoting a positive, helpful and friendly environment before, during and after visits, helps us to develop good relationships with our patients and their families. This leads to loyal patients who are supportive of our services.

Our Objectives

  • To offer a friendly and professional service
  • To deliver services in a timely way, and in partnership with others
  • To operate within the context of safety, quality and compassionate care
  • To be innovative and continually work to improve our services and outcomes
  • To be efficient, productive and cost effective

Our Aim

To achieve a high level of service-user satisfaction by taking a personal approach to providing care that is delivered by trained and competent staff who are motivated to provide the best possible evidence-based care.

To ensure that all equipment, medication and technology used with the service are of a high quality and maintained, cleaned and stored appropriately.

To be an active partner in delivering integrated care through joint working with other services and agencies.

To proactively seek and use feedback from service-users on their experiences, in order to improve the care we provide.

We aim to provide a comprehensive patient-centred direct access hearing and balance service for all ages;  which is high quality, efficient,  delivered closer to home, with short waiting times and high responsiveness and free at the point of access. Our integrated service operates a Direct Access Adult and Children's Hearing Service; as well as providing individualised support to people with tinnitus and dizziness. Our key principles are to:
• Encourage early identification, diagnosis and management of hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness
• Provide person-centred care which involves families, and responds to information and psychosocial needs
• Support communication and rehabilitation needs by providing timely signposting to lip reading classes and assistive technologies and other rehabilitation services
• Promote inclusion and participation of people who are deaf or hard of hearing
• Comply with clinical guidance and good practice 

Paediatric Service

What to expect during your Child's visit to the Audiology Clinic

Adult Hearing Aid Service

Hearing Aid Clinic

What to expect during your visit to the Hearing Aid Clinic

Walk In Hearing Aid Repair Clinics

We offer the following walk-in clinics for advice, hearing aid repairs and servicing.

Please note these open times may be affected by bank holidays. Please contact the department for more information.


Kingston Hospital

Monday 09.30 – 12:00

Tuesday 13:30 – 16:00

Thursdays 09.30 – 12.00

Queen Mary’s Hospital

Monday 09.30 – 12:00

Wednesday 13.30 – 16:00

Friday 09.30 – 12:00

Additional walk-in services are offered at local health centres and GP surgeries. Please contact the department for more information.

Whilst we try our best to provide as much help as we can on the day, we may need to book a further appointment or refer you to other professionals for additional support.


Click here to view the Newborn Hearing Screening Service page

Click here to view our Tinnitus Support Group page

Click here to view our Children's Hearing Services Working Group page

Click here to view the Sensory ‘Stay and Play’ Playgroup page



What our patients think about our service:

"I was seen on the 4 May for an assessment and a hearing test and again on 26 June for a fitting. Can I please thank you and your colleagues for their help and support both for the assessment and fitting of my two hearing aids – I am a first time wearer. Their help has made a big difference to my everyday activities and those around me. Your teams letters and guidance were also clear and arrived in good time."

"I have attended the Audiology Dept on several occasions of late. Each appt concerned with providing me with a hearing aid that gives me as much support as possible for my failing hearing. I need to attempt to convey my heartfelt thanks. Each and every member of staff could not have tried harder on my behalf. They showed a level of understanding and patience that I found touching. Until someone loses their hearing they have little idea what a struggle coping with it can be. It is not life threatening but it does impact in so many ways. I accept I will never hear as I did but thanks to the dedication shown I can enjoy so much more than I ever thought I would again. Every member of staff I was fortunate enough to have contact with are a credit to your dept and I will also be grateful to them."

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The Clinical Audiology Team

Mrs Justine Sweet MSc.

Head of Service

Mrs Sue Knowles

Educational Audiologist

Miss Kim Archary

Audiology Team Leader

Mrs Clare Beak

Audiology Team Leader

Mr James Doran

Audiology Team Leader

Mrs Lyrian Calloway

Specialist Audiologist

Mr Allan Doran

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Sheena Desai

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Agneta Dhruve

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Helen Downey

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Mara Guy

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Shelley Heard

Specialist Audiologist

Ms Frances Inge

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Sophia Mahmoudi-Hartley

Specialist Audiologist

Ms Aoefe O’Meara

Specialist Audiologist

Ms Bianca Ward

Specialist Audiologist

Mr Geoffrey Whitby

Specialist Audiologist

Mrs Bettina Berknov


Mrs Sue Ives

Assistant Audiologist

Mrs Alison Lane

Assistant Audiologist

Ms Faye McCombie

Assistant Audiologist

Mrs Judith Rice-Jones

Assistant Audiologist

Mrs Clare Ing

Hearing Aid Support Officer

Mrs Tracie Warrington

Senior Assistant Audiologist

Mrs Caroline Dawson

Assistant Audiologist

Mrs Sandra James

Assistant Audiologist


We are a student training centre accreditation by the National School of Healthcare Science and The Ear Institute, University College London.

Students may therefore be present in clinics. Should you prefer a student not to be present during your visit please let us know.

Referral Pathways

Early referral for people who are new to our service is encouraged.

Requests are  accepted in electronic and paper format from any primary or social care professional, hospital practitioners and partners.

Standardized referral forms and referral guidelines are available on request and clinical advice is available via the Kinesis Web Portal

For further details please email:

People who are already known to our service can self- refer by attending the walk in clinics or by calling the bookings team.


Our service is accredited by the United Kingdom of Accreditation Services (UKAS) under the Improving Quality in Physiological Measurement services (IQIPs) programme.

For further information on the standards and the scope of practice we deliver, please go to:

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