Oral and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

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The Oral Services Department is located within purpose built clinic at Kingston Hospital in Princess Alexandra Wing. As you enter the main hospital entrance turn right pass the information desk. Turn right at the end of the corridor after passing the Children's Outpatient's Department. Follow the corridor past Cardiology and Radiology. The Princess Alexandra Wing is on the left hand side before the Accident and Emergency Department.

Galsworthy Road Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT2 7QB
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Patient contact information Oral Surgery 02089346405, ENT and Audiology 02089346406:

Our Oral service is provided as part of the South West London Dental network offering a base for secondary care level outpatient and day surgery for Oral Surgery, Orthodontic and Restorative Dentistry services.

We aim to provide a comprehensive patient-centred service for all ages which is of high quality. Our integrated service provides care for patients who require treatment that could not be undertaken in the general dental services.

Outpatient and day surgery care is offered for the following;  restorative treatment, implants, protruding teeth (overjet), reverse overjet, crossbite, impacted teeth, submerged teeth, severe overcrowding, hypodontis, open bites and palatal trauma,  diagnosis of head and neck malignancy, salivary gland tumours and skin cancer, dentoalveolar surgery, oral medicine and implantology. Follow-up care is also offered for patients following major surgery at St George’s Hospital.


Our ENT service is provided as part of the South West London Ear, Nose and Throat network providing a base for outpatient, day surgery and some inpatient surgery to treat disorders and defects of the ears, nose (including sinuses), throat, head and neck.

We aim to provide a comprehensive patient-centred service for all ages; which is high quality, efficient, delivered closer to home, with short waiting times and high responsiveness and free at the point of access.

Our integrated service provides treatment of ear problems (such hearing loss, dizziness, inflammation, perforated ear drums and mastoid infection); Treatment of problems with the nose and sinuses, (including infections, allergies and inflammations causing congestion and runny noses); Management of facial deformity and trauma and disorders of olfaction; Treatment of throat problems (including persistent hoarseness). 

  • I was seen by your staff in the dental unit recently and I was impressed with the service. I was very nervous when I arrived, but I was seen quickly and the staff were amazing. I felt so relaxed, It was very refreshing to be around fun health profeessionals and still be confident that they were doing their job well.First class treatment from Kingston Hospital'. Patient feedback
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Consultants and key staff

The service is able to receive referrals through the national NHS Choose & Book electronic referral system. Where a referrer is unable to use or access Choose & Book, paper referrals will be accepted.

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