Clinical Research

Research active organisations provide newer, more efficient treatments and models of care. Charitable support has helped transform research activity at Kingston Hospital.

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An initial grant, which was allocated to six consultants across a range of specialities including paediatrics, ophthalmology and obstetrics for one year from April 2015, enabled Kingston Hospital to increase its participation in NIHR funded multi-centre trials. In the space of two years, research activity increased by 45%.  Due to this ‘pump priming’, the research team successfully bid for funding for staffing and equipment from external sources to continue its work and become a self-sustaining department.

Research Team 2017

More recently, we have also helped support staff development and home grown research projects by providing a grant to part-fund a PhD studentship to research the link between iron excess and liver disease.  The rest of the funding has been provided by Kingston University, building links with Kingston Hospital’s local health partners.



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