Dementia Care Programme - transforming our elderly care wards

Kingston Hospital Charity’s main focus currently is on supporting Kingston Hospital’s goal of becoming an exemplar site for dementia care.

A key part of its dementia strategy, which was developed after consulting many patients, staff, carers, relatives, community organisations and the voluntary sector, is a commitment to transform its three elderly care wards, so that they are completely dementia friendly - safe, homely and comfortable social and therapeutic environments that facilitate all types of functioning.

While Kingston Hospital is committed to funding the 'basic' costs associated with the refurbishment, Kingston Hospital Charity is funding the dementia-friendly elements - the signage, wall finishes, lighting, flooring, artwork and furniture. This has already proved transformative on Derwent Ward which re-opened in November 2016.  The refurbishment of Blyth Ward is expected to take place during the spring and summer of 2018.  Refurbishment of Kennet Ward will be undertaken during 2019.

The dementia friendly elements associated with the refurbishment of Derwent Ward aim to: promote patients’ orientation; ensure patient safety and reduce falls; enable stimulation and social interaction; and support relatives and carers.











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