Legacy Charter

  1. We will always respect your privacy because we appreciate that your will is a personal decision.
  2. We understand that your family and loved ones will always take priority in your decisions.
  3. We recognise that it is your decision and that you need to make it in your own time.
  4. We do not expect you to tell us if you have left a gift.
  5. We recognise that, at any time, you have the right to change your will. 
  6. We will use your gift for the purposes that you request. 
  7. We will use your gift wisely and cost-effectively.
  8. We will keep you in touch with our activities in the way that you request or not at all if that is your preference.
  9. We will administer your gift efficiently and with sensitivity and respect.
  10. We will always be grateful and thankful to you.
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