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Invite friends to a street party, brew up for your family, crack open the staff room tea bags, or commandeer the local village hall.

The NHS’s 70th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions, to appreciate the vital role the service plays in our lives and to recognise and thank the extraordinary NHS staff who are there to support and care for us.

Over the 70 years the NHS has transformed the health and wellbeing of the nation. Behind the scenes are NHS charities, like Kingston Hospital Charity, which is committed to supporting Kingston Hospital as it strives to deliver an outstanding level of care acrooss all its services.

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NHS Big 7Tea

The NHS Big7Tea is a chance to celebrate and say thank you, by organising a tea party and choosing to support Kingston Hospital Charity.

You may also choose to join us for Celebrating NHS70 at Kingston Hospital, on Saturday 14 July, where staff, patients, family and friends will come together to toast 70 years of the NHS.

However you choose to celebrate, download any of the items you need to host the perfect party below (including bunting, cake cards and selfie props, as well as posters). More information about the Big7Tea event can be found here.


Run UK

Run UK has announced Kingston Hospital Charity as the official charity for the Richmond Half-marathon on 11th November, Richmond 10k on 19th November and Kingston 10k on 25th November. As the NHS will be 70 years old this year, we are asking our participants to commit to raise £70 or more for Kingston Hospital Charity - all those that do will receive one of the charity's branded running vests, If you would like to register for one of these events, please sign up here.


Download your party pack by clicking here or on any of the images below. You can also contact us at to receive your pack and any other fundraising materials, as balloons, collection tins or buckets.


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