The Kingston Cardiac Support Trust

The Kingston Cardiac Support Trust was formed in 1991 by Dr.Culling, the Senior Cardiac Consultant at Kingston Hospital, and four former cardiac patients - all of whom had suffered a heart attack and three had undergone heart bypass operations.

Cardiac Support Trust

Dr. Culling also established a Support Group for cardiac patients and their families, with attendances of 30 to 50 people at each monthly meeting. The meetings have a varied programme of guest speakers, many of whom are members of the hospital staff who give their time voluntarily, and include visits by Consultant Cardiologists from St. George's Hospital at Tooting, where many of Kingston's cardiac patients go for angioplasty or for bypass surgery. Following Dr.Culling's retirement, Dr. Pakrashi is the Senior Cardiac Consultant and Dr. Pakrashi, or another Cardiac Consultant, is always available at the Group Meetings to answer questions and to provide advice to cardiac patients and their partners. Copies of the Programme of speakers are available at the Group Meetings on the first Thursday of each month at Kingston Hospital, and on the hospital's website.

The reason for forming the Trust was to provide an independent mechanism for raising funds, receiving donations and handling monies for the provision of specialist medical equipment for the Cardiology Department at Kingston Hospital not provided by the NHS. There are currently eight active Trustees who, with two or three members of the Support Group, manage the affairs of the Trust. All are unpaid volunteers who pay their own expenses.

Other members of the Support Group run a Phase 4 'Fitness Club, which meets on three evenings a week in the hospital's physiotherapy gymnasium. These meetings are supervised by fully qualified members of Kingston and St. George's Hospitals. The Trust provided the funds to get the Club started, and its usefulness is now widely acknowledged by the hospital team and by local doctors. Additional equipment has been purchased by the Club, and surplus funds have very kindly been donated to Trust funds.

Other members of the Support Group visit cardiac patients on the wards to deliver leaflets and handouts about the Group and the Trust, and to give those patients support and encouragement to a full recovery.


Since the Trust was formed the Trustees have raised or received over £500,000. This has enabled the Trustees to find the purchase of many items of specialist cardiac equipment, including the following -

A stress test machine/treadmill                                      £14,530

Two event recorders                                                       £3,150

A heart imaging system                                                 £40,000

A blood pressure recorder and software                           £2,800

Two additional event recorders                                        £2,400

A second heart rhythm analyser                                     £20,000

A second stress test machine/treadmill                           £7,000

A Broadband Scanhead                                                  £5,660

Mobile ECG equipment                                                   £4,000

Training equipment                                                         £1,500

A Trans Oesophagal Echocardiogram                              £24,600

A static CW Pencil Probe                                               £800

A pacemaker heart monitor                                             £7,000

4 resuscitation pumps and liners                                      £2,300

Repair of broken treadmill                                                £4,600

A Phillips Heartstart XL defibrillator                                   £5,000

A MARS Holter (rhythm analyser) System                        £23,670

15 cardiac exercise monitors and laptop computer             £1,000

2 Zoll Autopulse Resuscitation machines                           £8,000

Improved Echocardiogram equipment                                 £42,000

6 Stryker Trolleys                                                             £20,000

Exercise equipment for hospital gymnasium                        £1,000

2 x 24 hour Seer Digital Recorders with belts/pouches         £4,000

An Angiographic Injection System                                      £14,000

5 x 24 hour heart monitors (Tapes)                                      £10,000


The Chief Executive has confirmed the Hospital Trust's commitment to the continued provision of cardiac services at Kingston Hospital. Angiograms are carried out on Bronte Ward, and the Cardiac Outpatients Unit on the ground floor provides echocardiograms and other diagnostic services.

There is an ongoing need for the Trustees to continue to raise funds for the purchase of specialist equipment for the Cardiac Department at Kingston Hospital which is not otherwise available under the NHS in accordance with the Objects of the Trust Deed. The Trustees have recently paid for additional heart monitors costing c.£16,000 and has agreed to pay for an Echocardiogram Archive, which will provide improved management flexibility and treatment, at a cost of c.£50,000.

The Trust's main fund-raising events have included Teddy Bear Lotteries, an annual Bed-Push three times around Kingston Town Centre, the sale of Christmas cards, Carol Collections at local railway stations during December, and a draw and charity auction at the Group Christmas Party.

Since the Trust was formed many very generous bequests and donations have been received, including the following (in alphabetical order) -

Capt. David Colley MN                                                                              Mrs. M Tolley

Mr Edward Bentall                                                                                    Old Bebonians Rugby Club

Mrs Barbara Henning                                                                                Richmond Parish Lands Charity

Barclays Bank                                                                                          Rotary Club of  New Malden

Mrs J Damle                                                                                             Rotary Club of Kew

Fulwell Golf Club                                                                                       J Sainsbury

Mr Graves                                                                                                The St. Pauls Players, Chessington

Hampton Homecare Health Trust                                                                The Bookshop, Hampton

Kingston Lions International                                                                        Unichem

Kingston Nursing Association                                                                      Union Texas

Marks and Spencer                                                                                    Waitrose local branches

Moves Fitness                                                                                           WRVS, Kingston Hospital

The Trustees are very grateful for the donations and for the support which they have received from these and from many other organisations.

In addition, donations received 'In Memoriam' and bequests have totalled well over £150,000.

For further information about the Trust or the Support Group Meetings please contact W John Reed on 0208 398 2315 or by e-mail to

Registered Charity No. 1004975

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Contact Details and Events

Kingston Cardiac Support Group Invitation Leaflet

Contact - Ron Blackmore (Meetings Convener)

Tel: 020 8330 6485

Kingston Hospital Cardiac Exercise Classes

Contact - Ron Blackmore (Class Register Secretary)

Tel: 07539 367 495

Kingston Hospital Volunteer Cardiac Ward Visitors

Contact - Bill Dixon (Rota Organiser)

Tel: 020 8391 0841

Kingston Cardiac Support Group Programme for 2018





2nd Edition

The Support Group, led by Ron Blackmore, meet in the Kingston Hospital Education Centre, 5th Floor of the new Surgical Block, Kingston Hospital, commencing at 7pm. Members share their experiences in the first half hour, any new information they have discovered or anxieties they may have.  The Chairman of the Kingston Cardiac Support Trust will also update the group about fundraising activities and the purchase of equipment for the Cardiology Department.

After this we usually have a speaker, often a Cardiac Consultant from Kingston, St George’s or St Thomas’ Hospitals, programme below, who will talk about cardiac-related subjects, answer Members questions and enable Members to increase their understanding.  Speakers have a wide range of cardiac and other medical knowledge and experience, and the questions you ask are an essential part of each meeting.

Everyone – not just cardiac patients, their partners and families – are welcome at meetings usually finishing at about 8.30pm. Members of staff from the cardiac services at Kingston Hospital may also be present to answer questions.

The Support Group also runs Cardiac Exercise Classes in the Physiotherapy Department on three evenings each week.  These do not replace the Kingston Hospital Rehabilitation Service, but provide a longer-running opportunity for regular exercise and to meet other cardiac patients.


January 2018

Please remember there is no meeting this month

Thursday 1st February


‘Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening’

Mr Paul Moxey

Consultant Vascular Surgeon – St George’s and Kingston Hospital

We welcome Mr Paul Moxey on his first visit to the Support Group

Thursday 1st March


Enabling Holistic Wellbeing’

Ms Larisza Marks

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Long TermHealth Condition Lead

Richmond Wellbeing Service

We welcome Larisza on her first visit to the Support Group

Thursday 5th April


“Recent recommendations in out of hospital arrest”

Dr Lucie Pearce

Cardiac Registrar, Kingston Hospital

We welcome Lucie on her first visit to the Support Group

Thursday 3rd May



What non-arrhythmia doctors and their patients should know about arrhythmias’

Dr Michael Cooklin

Consultant Cardiologist at Guys and St Thomas’Hospital and Kingston Hospital

We thank Dr Cooklin for coming to talk to us again

Thursday 7th June



'CPR for all'

Ms Therese Sidney

Ressuscitation Lead, Kingston Hospital

Many thanks to Therese on her first vist to the group

Dr Roy Jogiya may join us

Consultant Cardiologist - Kingston Hospital and St Thomas'

Thursday 5th July



NHS 70th Birthday


The Cardiac Nurse Specialist Team – Their Roles and Benefits’

Mrs Sally Wilson

Lead Cardiac Nurse Specialist

Many thanks to Sally Wilson for coming to talk to us again

We will be celebrating this important Birthday before the talk with tea and cake, please bring your own china cup to drink out of.  The different cups will demonstrate the ethos of the NHS which provides health care for all the peoples of the UK.  Tea and cake provided.

Thursday 2nd August 



 ‘Cardiac Risk in the Young [CRY]’

Ms Paula Beck

Representative of the Cardiac Risk in the Young [CRY] charity which supports relatives who have suffered a sudden cardiac death of a young family member.  She will be talking about what happened to her brother Craig in 2010.

Many thanks to Paula on her first visit to talk to us.

Thursday 6th September


‘Infections and Antibiotics’

Dr Caroline Kim

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University

Dr Kim very kindly returns to inform the group

Thursday 4th October


‘Heart Failure Update’

Dr Tapesh Pakrashi, 

Lead Heart Failure Consultant Cardiologist - Kingston Hospital.

Dr Pakrashi very kindly returns to inform our group. 

Thursday 1st November

The Benefits of Exercise’


Miss Nicola Penfold

Physiotherapist at Kingston Hospital and the Cardiac Support Group

Many thanks to Nicola on her first visit to the Support Group

Thursday 13th December


Please note this is the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Bring and share food [finger foods only] and drink, raffle and auction

Venue: Staff restaurant, new Surgical Block


Please contact Sue Scott at for any information on our Programme.  We are always pleased to hear your suggestions for future presentations.  Do tell your friends and relations about the Support Group and invite them to join you.

Kingston Cardiac Support Group – please Google this for up to date information on the hospital website.

If the Programme changes during the year, announcements will be made at meetings.

Extra copies of this sheet can be found in the Cardiac Investigations Department, Ground Floor, Main Outpatients at Kingston Hospital. 

Kingston Cardiac Support Trust

Contacts: Stephen Alexander (Treasurer) - Tel: 020 8892 8280

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