Video E-Learning modules for Inpatient Clinicians

Please watch the below e-learning videos before viewing Clinical Clerking and e-Prescribing videos

Smartcards, Network Access and Logging into CRS - Video

Information before Prescribing - video

Allergies - Video

VTE Risk Assessment - Video

Patient List - video

Clinical Clerking

Clinical Clerking - Video

Social and Family History Clerking - Video

Creating a Discharge Summary - Video

Pathology Requests - Video

Placing Radiology requests - Video

Placing Elective Requests - Video

Recording Blood Gases - Video

Recording Lines and Tubes - Video

Favourite Folders - Video


Prescribing - Part 1 - video  covering:  Orals Meds with Asymmetric dosing, Variable Route Medication for PRN, Blood Products,  Fluids, Oxygen, Viewing Drug Chart and Drug Chart Summary

Prescribing-  Part 2 - video – covering: Restricted IV Antibiotics, Completing and viewing Restricted form, Extend the end date, IV Injection and Alert Box

Prescribing - Part 3 - video covering – Gentamicin, Viewing patients’ weight & height, Warfarin, Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOCA), Insulin Variable Rate intravenous infusion VRIII ( sliding scale) , Insulin Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)

Medication History - Video

Meds Admission Reconciliation - Video

Discharge TTO's - video

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