Chief Executive's Weekly Note

At the monthly team brief last Friday I thanked everyone for contributing to the improvements we are seeing in the delivery of the A&E target.  This has been down to the whole Hospital working together to see and treat patients as quickly as possible so well done to everyone.  There is still more to do and the A&E team are working on a plan to sustain the improvements.  I also want to thank everyone involved in the delivery of the cancer targets.  In February we achieved 7 out of the 8 cancer targets and we are currently the best performing trust in London for the 62 day target and achieved 16% above the national average.  For the fifth consecutive month there were no 100 day breaches and we are the only trust in South West London to achieve this. This means that local people being treated for cancer or with a suspected cancer are getting some of the best care in London. 

I had a wander into outpatients the other day to see how the improvement works were progressing and saw something that made me realise that all of us must be making assumptions all the time about people and our patients.  We now have the new reception desk open and more of the self check-in kiosks available and I spotted a very small elderly lady go up to one of the kiosks.  I watched her and thought to myself that I might need to go and give her a hand with how to use it, but as I watched it was clear that this technology was second nature to her!  I’d assumed that she’d need some help using it, but in fact she was so much quicker than I would have been. We should never judge a book by its cover and it’s so important to treat all our patients as individuals and understand from them what they can and can’t do.

More great feedback this week and I’ll start with a lovely email I received about the team on Kennet ward from a grateful son. The ward’s discharge coordinator Sam Finn passed on an email about quite a complicated process to set up nursing home care for his father:

“Thank you to yourself and all the team on Kennet ward for all their professional care and positive attitude. I was very impressed at how well the staff tackle such an unrelenting and difficult job. I take my hat off to you all.”

And I take my hat off to you too – well done Kennet!  Also sharing praise for radiology, day surgery and paediatrics, A&E and Cambridge ward this week:




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Some of you may have heard that our Chairman Sian Bates has been reappointed by the Council of Governors for a further three years and I wanted to pass on my congratulations to Sian. 


Best wishes,

Ann Radmore

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