Kingston Hospital’s ICU rehabilitation clinic ‘one stop shop’ for patients after treatment

Wednesday 28 February 2018

The Critical Care team at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are running a new rehabilitation clinic for patients, following treatment in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Due to the intensive nature of the treatment provided in a critical care setting, patients may experience a range of physical and psychological problems when they leave the unit. The new ICU rehabilitation service helps to address these problems in one multidisciplinary clinic, providing support and advice to help patients manage the lasting effects of their intensive treatment.

The ICU rehabilitation clinic comprises a team made up of an ICU doctor and nurse, a physiotherapist and a psychologist, helping to streamline the rehab process. Kingston is also the only hospital in South West London where physiotherapists sit in with consultants and nurses for ICU rehabilitation. 

The clinic also provides referrals to community psychologists, allowing any post-treatment psychological issues, such as memory loss, anxiety or depression, to be assessed and addressed in a timely manner.

Dr Louise Ma, Acute Medicine and Intensive Care Consultant at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The Intensive Care department have done a fantastic job in setting up and running the ICU rehabilitation clinic and we’re delighted to be able to offer this service to our patients at Kingston Hospital.

“The clinics are a ‘one stop shop’ for patients’ rehabilitation, following a stay in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, offering help and advice from a multidisciplinary team on a range of physical and psychological issues. The clinic helps patients and their families gain closure on their ICU stay, as intensive treatment can often have lasting effects. We hope it helps them in their transition back to full health.”   


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