Kingston Hospital’s sexual health centre to provide new services for young people

Tuesday 3 October 2017

The Wolverton Centre, Kingston Hospital’s sexual health unit has begun providing new outreach services for young people in the area, following a successful bid with Kingston Council for a two year contract. The new service aims to improve access to sexual health information and advice for young people in the Kingston area and improve the experiences of young people accessing these services.     

The main objective of the new service at The Wolverton Centre is to provide sexual and reproductive education to young people in settings outside of mainstream education. It will mainly look to target vulnerable groups of young people including BAME groups, those with mild to moderate learning difficulties, looked after children, young people living in areas of deprivation and LGBT groups.

The service will help to improve the confidence of professionals by providing sexual health training and support for those working with young people in the Kingston Borough and reduce rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and unwanted pregnancy amongst young people in the local area.

The service will also:

  • Oversee Kingston Councils condom distribution scheme (free condoms for anyone aged 24 and under), operated from various sites around Kingston
  • Improve referral pathways to relevant local services including mental health and young people’s drug and alcohol services
  • Run sexual and reproductive health social media campaigns

Gill McCarthy, Clinical Director of GU & HIV Medicine at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are delighted to be offering such a wide range of sexual health services for young people in Kingston.

“There are a number of groups in Kingston that are hard to reach through mainstream education and we hope that the new services will ensure all young people across the borough will receive the same opportunities to receive important sexual and reproductive education.”  



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