Kingston Hospital’s Staff Survey results among top 10 best nationally

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s national staff survey results are among some of the best in the country for acute trusts, according to the recent findings from Picker, who carry out the survey on trusts’ behalf. The hospital scored significantly better than other trusts on nearly half of all questions asked and had the seventh best overall positive score.

The Trust also saw an increase in the number of staff completing the survey, with a high response rate of 58%, compared to the national average of 47%.

One of the standout findings of the survey was that most staff said they would recommend the organisation as a good place to work or receive treatment. All scores relating to this topic improved since the 2017 survey and were better than the national average for all acute trusts surveyed by Picker:

  • 86% of staff agree that the ‘care of patients/service users is the Trust’s top priority’ – this is up from 83% in 2017 and better than the national average of 77% for all acute trusts.
  • 82% said they would ‘be happy with the standard of care provided by the organisation if a friend or relative needed treatment’ – up from 77% in 2017 and better than the average of 71% for all acute trusts.
  • 74% said they would ‘recommend the organisation as a good place to work’ – up from 71% in 2016 and better than the average of 62% for all acute trusts.           

Kingston Hospital also scored better than other in the following areas: visibility and communication from senior management; acting on concerns from patients; and reporting incidents and near misses. Overall, the Trust scored above the national average on 42 questions and below average on just six.

Kelvin Cheatle, Director of Workforce at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are extremely proud that we have yet another very good set of staff survey results and that we continue to improve year-on-year. In a year where the Trust received an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the CQC, these findings reflect how our staff have confidence in the organisation and themselves to deliver the very best care for our patients and service users.

“There are of course areas where we need to improve, including bullying and harassment from the public as well as the need to improve staff pay, but we are fully committed to addressing these issues and will continue to listen and work with our employees. On the whole, the results show staff, managers and leadership are working well together across the Trust to find out the most important issues for our staff and make improvements to address them.”


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