Kingston Hospital’s Staff Survey Results Best in South West London - Making Progress Together

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce the results of its annual national staff survey, and the findings reveal that its staff are happier than other acute Trusts in South West London. Kingston Hospital scored in the top 20% of all acute Trusts for 13 key areas and has seen significant improvements and positive results in 55 areas, findings that are head and shoulders above other neighbouring Trusts. The survey also saw an increase in the number of staff completing the survey, with a high response rate of 51%. This is one of the highest response rates in the country and equates to an increase of 300 of our staff members participating in the survey.

One of the standout findings of the survey was the high percentage of staff recommending the organisation as a good place to work or receive treatment. All questions in this section received the highest scores in South West London, were an improvement on the Trust’s scores in 2015 and better than the national average for all acute Trusts: 

  • 82% of staff agree that the ‘care of patients/service users is the Trust’s top priority’ – this is up from 75% in 2015 and better than the average of 76% for all acute Trusts.
  • 75% said they would ‘be happy with the standard of care provided by the organisation if a friend or relative needed treatment’ – this is up from 68% in 2015 and better than the average of 70% for all acute Trusts.
  • 69% said they would ‘recommend the organisation as a good place to work’ – this is up from 59% in 2015 and better than the average of 62% for all acute Trusts.    

Another overwhelmingly positive finding to come out of the survey was that staff across the organisation, both in clinical and non-clinical roles feel that they are part of a wider team and have patients at the heart of what they do every day:

  • 92% of staff feel that their role makes a difference to patients/service users – this is better than the average of 90% for other acute Trusts.
  • 84% of staff at the Trust also said they are satisfied with the care they give – this is an increase on 2015’s score of 80% and better than the average of 83% for other Trusts. 

One of the areas showing the best results for 2016 was communication between staff and management (both immediate managers and senior managers). Responses for the question ‘Communication between senior management and staff is effective’ was the highest score when benchmarked with other Trusts, coming in at 51% for Kingston Hospital compared with an average of 41% for other acute Trusts. This was also a strong improvement from 2015’s score of 46%.

Ann Radmore, Chief Executive at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the results. It is really important that so many staff took the time to respond and I would like to thank everyone for doing so. We have worked very hard and listened to staff over the last year to ensure we focus on the areas that are important to them. We recognise there are still areas we need to work on together and are putting measures in place to ensure we improve and look after the health and wellbeing of our staff. I am so very pleased to see that our results are the best in South West London and that is all down to the hard work and commitment of our staff over the last year.”  

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