Kingston Hospital marks national ‘End PJ Paralysis’ campaign

Tuesday 17 April 2018

We’re hanging up the pyjamas and getting our patients up and into their own clothes

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is embracing the national #EndPJparalysis campaign, a 70 day challenge that is taking place across the country from April 17 to June 26, to tie in with the NHS 70th birthday this year. The aim of the challenge is to reach one million ‘patient days’ of people up, dressed and moving (if they are able to of course) rather than sitting on a ward in their pyjamas.

As part of the campaign, Kingston Hospital is also aiming to reduce the number of falls by our patients, and to tie in, the Trust is also launching its Falls Awareness and Prevention Week. Getting more patients dressed in their own clothes and moving around means they’re less likely to suffer falls. It also helps to prevent deconditioning and helps get them home quicker.

To mark the week, there are a number of activities taking part at the hospital:

  • Physiotherapy teams are holding ‘Get up, get moving’ classes on the elderly care wards, to mobilise patients and help prevent falls.
  • The Trust is launching ‘yellow socks’, which patients at high risk of falls will wear.
  • A Tea Dance is taking place for patients on one of the elderly care wards.
  • Nurses will begin inputting data into the End PJ Paralysis app to see how the Trust is progressing to the one million ‘patient day’ goal.

Sally Brittain, Director of Nursing and Quality at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are excited to mark the national #EndPJparalysis campaign here at Kingston Hospital and we hope to see more patients up and moving in their own clothes on our wards. Patients wearing their own clothes in hospital has been proven to enhance their dignity and retain their sense of identity.

Helping patients mobilise also helps to reduce falls and boosts recovery, helping to get them home quicker. Our ward staff are really embracing the campaign and we hope to see some very positive results”.


Notes to Editor

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