Kingston Hospital to host conference on dementia

Monday 10 April 2017

Kingston Hospital is hosting its second dementia conference on Friday 21st April in the Trust’s Education Centre. The event will reflect on the progress made in dementia care at the Trust in the last three years, following the implementation of the 2014-2017 dementia strategy.

Last year, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust opened its first completely dementia-friendly ward. Derwent, one of the hospital’s elderly care wards was refurbished to create a space that minimised confusion and disorientation for patients with dementia; by giving it a more homely and friendly feel. This included the installation of five new social spaces, new LED lighting to adjust to the time of day, and iconic images of the local area in the form of large murals to orientate patients to the Kingston area.

The objective of the conference will be to reflect on the progress made in dementia care over the last three years and to discuss how to further improve the care of patients with dementia at Kingston Hospital. These priorities will form the Trust’s next three-year dementia strategy (2017-2020).

Olivia Frimpong, Dementia Improvement Lead at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’ve come a long way since the launch of our first dementia strategy three years ago, and this conference is a chance to reflect on our fantastic achievements and look at how we can further improve the lives of patients with dementia at Kingston Hospital. The changes we’ve made to our Derwent ward have made a massive impact, and we hope to expand on this in the years to come.”

The conference will host a number of speakers, including Nicci Gerrard, founder of John’s Campaign and Tim McLachlan, Operations Director at Alzheimer’s Society. The event is free to attend for anyone who aspires to make a difference to the quality of care provided to people with dementia. This might include, but is not limited to, patients, carers, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from the hospital or other organisations.

If you would like to attend, please register here:

To make it easier for people to attend, the conference will run twice: 9:00 – 12:30, and 14:00 – 17:30. The agenda will be the same for both sessions.

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