RemindMeCare at Kingston Hospital

Thursday 14 December 2017

RemindMeCare at Kingston Hospital

Revolutionizing care for patients with dementia

Staff on Derwent Ward at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are revolutionizing care for their patients with dementia by using a new unique piece of software to help understand their needs, likes and dislikes. RemindMeCare is bespoke reminiscence and family engagement software that helps create an e-collection of meaningful pictures and video that describe the habits and achievements that make everyone unique and help us deliver more informed care. The resulting collection of music and images constantly evolves as new responses are registered.

Olivia Frimpong, Dementia Service Improvement Lead at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We are one of the first Trusts to introduce RemindMeCare.  It has been a real success and a wonderful opportunity to explore how the power of bespoke reminiscence therapy and life story work benefits our patients, their relatives and carers.

“The information discovered remains the property of the person being cared for, and with consent it is shared amongst relevant members of our care team. Access remains available to the individual, their family and friends once they leave/stop working with the care team at Kingston Hospital.”

Maria Evora, Dementia Activities Co-coordinator at Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust added:

“RemindMeCare has made such a positive difference to my work. We use this unique tool to support conversation one to one or to stimulate, discover common experiences and reinforce self-worth. We use it daily to promote group discussion whilst activities are taking place in our Dementia Activities Room. It fantastic to be able to create individual profiles for patients, based on their own unique life experiences and the group activities provide cognitive stimulation and promote social interaction’’ 

Simon Hooper, Director of RemindMeCare said,

“RemindMeCare was started courtesy of Etienne’s and my  personal experience with family care. We found no tablets, tech or real knowledge of the person cared for anywhere along the care journey. That’s something we knew that we could address.. That’s what we’re doing with RemindMe Care. Getting everyone involved along the care journey to really achieve truly connected person-centred care.”


Notes to Editors

  • Kingston Hospital’s Dementia Strategy
  • Approximately half of all inpatients on our elderly care wards have dementia or suspected dementia
  • A key part of Kingston Hospital’s dementia strategy, which was developed after consulting many patients, staff, carers, relatives, community organisations and the voluntary sector, is a commitment to transform its three elderly care wards, so that they are completely dementia friendly - safe, homely and comfortable social and therapeutic environments that facilitate all types of functioning.

Dementia and care of the elderly is demanding; for the person being cared for and for their carers. But the better a carer knows the person, the better it is for everyone. RemindMeCare places the person at the centre and provides unique tools and activities that assist them be better known for who they truly are.


  • Much work has been done regarding person centred care delivery, the power of reminiscence therapy and different methodologies for dementia care. Opinions vary but all agree on one thing, that Life Story knowledge brings benefits to all. Until now it’s not been possible to easily use internet content to explore a person’s Life Story and likes and dislikes other than on a generic basis. ReMe changes that.
  • ReMe (RemindMeCare) matches the profile of the person with automatically sourced internet content. Built with remote family participation, ReMe’s digital My Story is at the heart of ReMe and learns and grows through activities undertaken with the individual. Person centered care, community engagement, care circle interaction; all improve when the profile of the individual is better defined. ReMe puts the person at the centre of the care process. As a result, it’s applicable to many care sectors and therefore becomes ideal for persons with multiple conditions.
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