Council of Governors members

Jonathan QuyElmbridge

Jack Saltman

 Jack Saltman (4)


CJ Kim

 CJ Kim Web Cropped

Cllr Christine Elmer - Elmbridge Borough Council

Christine Elmerweb

Dr Heather Patel - Surrey Downs CCG (East Elmbridge only)

Heather Patel

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Dennis Doe

 Dennis Doe

Helen Haywood

 Helen Haywood

Frances Kitson

 Frances Kitson 


Robert Markless

  Robert Markless 

Richard Allen

 Richard Allen Cropped Web

Marita Ruth Brown

Marita Brown Cropped Web

Pat O'Neil

Pat O'neil Cropped Web

Cllr Julie Pickering - Royal Borough of Kingston

 Julie Pickering

Cllr Margaret Thompson - Royal Borough of Kingston

Margaret Thompson

Dr Naz Jivani - Kingston CCG

Naz Jivani

Dr Julia Gale - Kingston University

Julia Gale

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Lisa Anderton

Lisa Anderton Cropped Web


Andy Gorton


Andy Gorton (4) Resized


Bonnie Green


Bonnie Green


Seamus Joyce


Seamus Joyce (1)


Dr Sean Gallagher - Richmond CCG

 Sean Gallagher

Nicola Urqhuart - London Borough of Richmond

Nicola Urqhartweb

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Paul Hide

Paul Hide Cropped Web

Cllr Richard Broadbent - Sutton and Merton Borough Councils (Joint nomination)

Richard Broadbent

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Marilyn Frampton

 Marilyn Frampton 

Dr Sion Gibby - Merton CCG

Sion Gibbyweb

To contact email:


Derrick Young

Derrick Young

Dr Fhorkan Uddin - Wandsworth CCG

Fhorkan Uddinweb

Cllr Kim Caddy - Wandsworth Borough Council

Kim Caddy

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London and rest of Surrey

Peter Tomkins

 Peter Tomkins

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Ursula Kingsley - Management Administrative Support Staff

Ursula Kingsley Cropped Web

Sarah Connor - Nursing and Midwifery

Sarah Connor Web

Peter Willson - Dental and Medical Practioners

Peter Willson

Alison Tuck - Allied Health Professionals and Support Staff

Alison Tuck

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