10th December

KHFT Advent 10 WebsiteTeody Binas

Matron, Elderly Care

Joined KHFT in January 2004


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

I always get to work as early as 07:15 to receive handover from the night advance nurse practitioner. To ensure that staffing level and skill mix in all the wards are correct and necessary changes can be done as early as possible. To have an insight of the activities in the night and our bed state.  Then I will have a coffee which is very important whilst having a catch up with my other colleagues. At 08:00 I will go around the wards to check that all staff have arrived and if there are any immediate things to be done or I could support and have a little chat with some outgoing nurses. I will have a catch up with my senior nurses and discuss highlights and incidents in the ward and make plans for development and improvement. Read and answer my emails and attend departmental meetings. I get involved in facilitating early discharges to make sure we have available beds to help patient flow across the hospital.

What makes you proud in your job?

I enjoy my job as every day brings different challenges; it can be difficult sometimes but very rewarding. I am very proud that I can be an instrument of change and make a difference in our patient’s care and experience and also developing our staff. I am proud that in my role I am given the freedom to do my job with utmost confidence and support from my seniors. I am proud that I am working with great leaders in the organisation that helps me push my boundaries to reach my full potential. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to Sarah Connor, Berenice Constable, Nichola Kane and Tamsin Day.

What is your highlight of 2018?

My 2018 was a really challenging time, as this was my first year working in medicine but it turned out to be a great year. Firstly, I really had a great support from all the staff and I am working with the most competitive and amazing team in the medical unit office. Last year we won two competitions the “Festival of Cultural Day” and the most well decorated unit during the Christmas Decoration competition. The unit also had a “fake-off competition” and I won the healthy option, maybe because I love using fresh fruit to decorate my cakes. Or maybe I should say that was my signature cake? That I am sure Maxine “the Mary Berry” of the unit will agree.

Favourite thing about the Festive Season?

I love the holiday markets, the food, the Christmas trees and the Christmas lights. The houses are lit up with bright Christmas lights and the trees outside are full of them and are just magical. The endless preparation and cooking for the whole family and staying late until midnight on Christmas eve to make lots of noises and open our presents.

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues may not know

I have fear of heights but this year I made a breakthrough and managed to climb the 3rd highest mountain in England “Helvellyn” in the Lake District. It was breath-taking, although at one point I thought I won’t be able to continue. But it took me hours to complete as I sometimes froze when I looked down. But my secret guilty pleasure is watching cartoon movies.

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