1st December

1 DecemberSian Bates

Chairman of Trust Board and Council of Governors

Joined KHFT in September 2013


What does your average day look like at KHFT?

There is no average day as my role contains huge variety. The Board is here to set culture and strategy plus assure performance and governance. This means that I spend my time working inside and outside the hospital.  I love walking around the hospital meeting staff and our patients. I spend time meeting our stakeholders particularly commissioners, community and other acute colleagues. Once a month I will Chair a meeting of the whole Board but also attend many board sub committees looking at quality, finance, equality, workforce issues and patient experience. The Non-Executive Directors are accountable to the Council of Governors and I spend time with Governors letting them know about the hospital but also listening to feedback from our 6000 members and staff.

What makes you proud in your job?

Every day the work of our staff makes me proud. I greatly admire the care and commitment I see day in day out.

What is your highlight of 2018?

The CQC recognition that we are outstanding for quality, care and leadership. I already knew this but to get national recognition for our staff made me extremely happy. I hope the outstanding rating will also make our patients less anxious about coming to hospital.

Favourite thing about the Festive Season?

I absolutely love Christmas.In the hospital I love being part of the judging team for Christmas decorations.  I love singing and hope to join the nursery children as they sing on our elderly care wards.
At home it is all about family and friends. This year my grandson is two and I can’t wait to share the in the joy and chaos that he will bring.

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues may not know

I have a mad Jack Russel, called Doris, who also loves Christmas – especially the chewing up of wrapping paper!

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