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Kingston Hospital is committed to developing and embedding a sustainable and carbon conscious culture throughout the organisation and all its activities. We know that there is a significant opportunity to achieve carbon and financial savings at the Trust by better integrating sustainability considerations into the way we work. In addition to these benefits, we seek to create a more comfortable environment within which we can deliver the highest standards of care for our community.

In 2015 we launched ‘Sustaining Our Future’, a staff engagement initiative that will help us positively make a difference to the environment in which we work.

Our Sustainability Objectives

  1. Reduce our carbon emissions to help meet targets set in the 2008 Climate Change Act and contribute to global action on climate change
  2. Integrate carbon management within corporate strategies, policies and operational procedures
  3. To improve the level and detail reporting on energy consumption patterns and carbon emissions
  4. To improve the overall energy efficiency of the hospital estate by identifying a prioritised list of projects to reduce carbon emissions
  5. Promote environmentally sound transport and travel patterns
  6. To raise awareness of climate change and carbon management at both strategic and individual levels across the hospital, and to encourage collective responsibility and action amongst staff
  7. Use our position to engage with the local community and encourage them to reduce their carbon emissions

Sustainability at Kingston Hospital Guide

Our Carbon Management Plan

The Trust’s Carbon Management Plan describes not only the improvements we have made, but also sets out how we plan to achieve our goal of a 10 % carbon emission reduction from our operations through sustainable means which falls in line with both key national and local drivers.

The Carbon Management Plan confirms our commitment on how we value our environment by taking ownership through corporate social responsibility of our activities. We see this as a positive step in the right direction and we will engage staff at all levels as their input is fundamental to the Trust achieving its carbon emissions reduction target.

For a copy of the Healthcare Carbon Trust's guidance click here




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