Leaving hospital after your day case surgery

It is expected that you will return home on the same day as the day of your surgery. You should make your own transport arrangements to take you home. If you think you may need escort, you must advise of us this before the day of your surgery.

What information will I be given?

You will receive:

  • Confirmation about the arrangements that have been made for you
  • Details of the telephone numbers you may need if you require any further information once you have left hospital.

You may be given:

  • An appointment card if a doctor needs to see you in the outpatient department
  • Two weeks supply of tablets if required, with a letter to give to your GP so they can arrange your new repeat prescription. Your GP will be sent a list of the tablets that you are taking home with you.
  • There will be a standard prescription charge for any medicines that are prescribed following your procedure for you to take home. You may decide to purchase simple analgesia from your local pharmacy prior to your surgery. If you are exempt from prescription charges, a proof is required.


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