Our Teams

Emergency Admissions

We provide a 16 hour service 365 days of the year, where we locate and deliver case notes to A&E, AUU and the wards across the hospital at the point of decision to admit the patient .  Notes are delivered within 4 hours of requesting them and a check is done regularly for any new requests. If notes, are kept in the archives, a temporary set of notes is produced and the Off-site notes requested for the next day delivery.


Patients are sent an appointment to have a pre-assessment with either a Nurse/Doctor or Consultant prior to an elective admission for a procedure/operation.  Patient Records will be requested for these appointments so that a full medical history is available.  The notes are taken to the Pre-assessment clinic the day before the appointments so that the nursing staff have time to review the records in advance of the appointment.  Once the patient is seen, the notes are then collected and prepared for the Theatre session and delivered again to Theatres.


The Helpdesk is the heart of the department where we receive all calls and emails.  Requests are dealt with – both urgent and non-urgent.  The majority of our calls are for:

  • Adhoc requests for Notes
  • Late additions to existing clinic sessions
  • Loose Documentation filing requests
  • Merging Requests
  • RIPs
  • Off site/ Outreach requests
  •  Access to Health/Data Protection requests

Requests are filtered to the relevant person/team and are dealt with promptly.

Outpatient Clinics

We provide a clinic preparation service to ensure all patients’ case notes are available for their appointments and ensure the correct GP referral letters are available in the patient notes ready for the clinician to see the patient.  If the patient has not been seen by us previously, a temporary file will be created with the relevant documentation placed in it ready for clinic.

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