Visiting the Dental Unit

Mo The Owl

Mo the Owl has been sent by his dentist to the Dental Unit at Kingston Hospital. Mo needs a tooth removing from his mouth. Mo the Owl visits the ‘Oral pre Clinic’ at the hospital with his Mum and talks with the dentists and nurses about his tooth.  The dentists would like to see Mo again so they can take out his troublesome tooth.

Mo returns to the hospital at 8am, with his favourite cuddly bear, ready to have his tooth removed. He is a little hungry as he hasn’t eaten any breakfast. The staff in the Dental Unit welcomes Mo and explains to him and his Mum how many teeth are going to be taken out. The doctor listens to Mo’s chest and chats more about what will happen. The doctors and clinicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Mo’s Mum signs a consent form, to say she is happy for Mo to have his tooth removed in the way described by the doctors and clinicians.

The nurse talks to Mo whilst she puts some magic cream called ‘Ametop’ on Mo’s hands with a little dressing over the top to keep the cream in the right place. Later on the doctors will put a small needle into Mo’s hand, the magic cream helps to stop this from hurting. Mo the Owl also has his own wristband on. It says ‘Mo Momentum’ and the day he was born. Mo and his Mum have finished chatting to the doctors and clinicians and go back to the waiting room to wait for Mo’s turn. Mo is older than some of the other children and waits until those that are younger than him are called before his name is called.

The nurses take Mo, Mum and cuddly bear to theatre. Mo meets some more adults when he arrives at the theatre, and they ask Mo his First Name, Surname, and Date of Birth. They take off Mo’s magic cream. Mo feels a little nervous and squeezes Mum’s hand whilst the doctor puts a small needle and tube in the other hand. It is really quick and Mo doesn’t realise it has already been done. A small plaster is placed over the small tube to help keep it in place.

Sometimes the Doctors use a mask with a special balloon to help you fall asleep for your operation. The doctors decide not to use this for Mo and instead they give the small tube in his hand a drink of a white liquid, which looks just like milk. Mo starts to feel a little sleepy and Mum gives him a big kiss. Before all the milk is gone Mo the Owl is fast asleep.

Mo wakes up shortly after but he still feels a little sleepy. There is a kind nurse who is looking after him. When he feels more awake Mo’s meets another kind nurse in a different room and Mum comes in to say hello. The nurses take his observations, much like they did before he went for his operation.

Once Mo is fully awake and feels comfortable a member of staff explains to Mum and Mo what after care is needed and Mum is given some instructions to follow at home. Mum and Mo wave goodbye to everyone and drive home.  

Parent Information

Dentists may refer your child to this service to help remove troublesome teeth. Oral pre clinics run on Wednesdays for children, and operations are carried out on alternate Friday Mornings. If your child is coming for a general anaesthetic you will usually be asked attend at 8am in the morning. In general the younger children will be treated first. You are welcome to bring your child’s favourite teddy or cuddly toy to help comfort them.

Location: Princess Alexandra Wing

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