Visiting the Paediatric Assessment Unit

Mo The Owl

Mo has been to see the GP today as he doesn’t feel well. The GP would like Mo to see a Children's Doctor too. The GP rings the Children's Doctors on PAU and they ask Dad to bring Mo to PAU. Mo arrives at PAU and waits with some other boys and girls to see the Children's Doctor. The nurses take Mo’s observations every so often to check his pulse and oxygen levels among other things. Mo can play in the playroom too if he feels well enough.

The Children's Doctors chat to Mo and his Dad, and examine Mo much like the GP did.  The doctors decide to give Mo some medicine. Sometimes the Doctors might decide to send you for an X-ray or they may put some magic cream or cold spray on your hands for a blood test. The doctors and nurses observe Mo for a few hours, they check his observations again and the doctors examine Mo again. Mo feels much better after his medicine and the Doctors discharge him home with Dad.  Before they leave the doctors give Dad some advice about Mo’s illness. Occasionally if you do not feel any better after your stay on PAU, the doctors might want to stay in Hospital for the night. You may stay overnight on Sunshine ward, and Mum or Dad can sleep in a bed beside your own.

Parent Information

PAU is a Paediatric Assessment Unit that opened in 2015. If your child is seen by a local GP they may sometimes be referred to our PAU if appropriate, to see one of our Paediatric Doctors. If your child comes to the Emergency Department they may also go to PAU after triage if appropriate. Some children are also seen by Paediatric Doctors in the Emergency Department depending on their clinical condition.

Location: Level 3, Bernard Meade Wing, Enter via Hospital Main Entrance

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