Information for disabled visitors

The Trust have introduced a new parking system as of 22nd January 2018 where you 'Pay on Exit'. The new parking system will work out the correct payment and allow a number of ways to pay.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ANPR records the exact time you drive into the hospital, Park up, when finished, key in your first three digits of your Registration, the machine will identify and will inform you how long you have been on site and how much you have to pay.

The car parking system has a grace period designed to ensure that you are not unfairly charged for the time spent finding a parking space or if you are just quickly dropping off or collecting from the site. This grace period is 20 minutes. If you are entering and leaving the site within 20 minutes then no charges will be applicable, if you are on site for 1h 20 minutes you will need to pay for 1 hour etc.

The new system offers a number of payment options, allowing visitors and patients to Pay on Exit:

  • Cash i.e. coins. N.B. No change is given from the parking machines and you can only pay with coins.
  • Credit card (the credit card machine is located inside the main entrance (Bernard Meade Wing)
  • Telephone (the first time you call you will need your credit card details and your car registration).
  • Download the app – @ your details on the app. The vehicle will then be auto recognised, and will notify you of the amount to pay, pay within the 24 hrs.

The charging period for the public car parks are from 8:00am to 8:00pm, seven days a week.

The current minimum fee is £2.00 (for the first hour) and £1.50 for each hour thereafter (up to five hours).

Car Parking Tariffs at Kingston Hospital

  • Up to 1 hour £2.00
  • Up to 2 hours £3.50
  • Up to 3 hours £5.00
  • Up to 4 hours £6.50
  • Up to 5 hours £8.00

There is also a daily rate of £10 available which covers you for one calendar day (ie payment made at 10am covers you for the remainder of that day)

Please click here for information about parking for disabled visitors at the hospital.

Please note that vehicles who park on site and do not make payment for the time parked on site will receive a Parking Charge Notice. The Parking Charge Notice fee is £100, reduced to £50 if paid within fourteen days. Full terms and conditions for usage of the car parks are displayed at the entrance to the public car parks.

How to use the new system:

You no longer need to know the time you have parked on site as this will be automatically recorded.  You can pay by:

  • Credit card (swipe or pin) (the credit card machine is located inside the main entrance (Bernard Meade Wing)
  • Download the app – pay by app and follow the instructions.
  • Or by coins or notes (which will give change) at one of the payment machines.

To pay on exit:

  • Visit one of the payment machines
  • Enter your registration and pay the money for the number of hours that has been calculated  for the time you have been onsite
  • You can ask for a receipt.

Blue Badge Holders

At the start of 2018 Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust introduced a new parking tariff for Blue Badge Holders (BBHs). The decision to introduce these fees was based on the need to provide an equitable parking service for all, and to help us improve and maintain disabled parking facilities across the site without taking money out of patient care.  NHS Trusts do not receive any separate funds to manage hospital sites or provide and maintain car parks.

Parking charges are set by individual hospital sites and many other Trusts have already started to introduce BBH charges to those utilising the service.

The Trust has apologised that the decision was made without full engagement with patients and the public at the time and, having taken the concerns of BBHs and members of the community into consideration, took the decision to put a hold on BBH charges until we had undertaken a detailed review involving various stakeholders.

A Parking Reference Group was formed, chaired by Non-Executive Director Dr Rita Harris, and this included senior members of staff from the Trust, patient and visitor BBH representatives, members of the Trust’s Council of Governors, the Chair of Kingston Health Overview Panel and fellow RBK Councillors. The Trust also took legal advice to ensure that the review was compliant with the Public Sector Equality Duty guidelines and therefore a fair and robust process.

Throughout the review, the Trust has kept stakeholders informed of progress through reports to the Trust Board, the Council of Governors and Kingston Health Overview Panel.

The Trust has gathered views from close to 600 patients and local residents in a survey of car park users, 62% of whom either held blue badges themselves, or parked with someone who does. This sample is slightly larger than the number of patients who contributed to the national inpatient survey for the hospital last year, which gives us confidence in the validity of the messages we have heard.

The results of the survey told us that BBHs use the Hospital car park more frequently than other users; that their choice of mode of transport is more limited; and that they also take longer to reach the appropriate hospital department once parked.

The Trust already offers car parking concessions for the following groups where they have to spend longer on the hospital site:

  • Partners of women in labour;
  • Parents or guardians of patients on the paediatric ward or neonatal unit;
  • Family members of individuals undergoing End of Life Care; and
  • Patients undergoing all day care at the Sir William Rous Unit.

The Reference Group assisted the Trust in considering the options and, although it was clear it would prefer no charges, in the context of charges proceeding, the Group recommended a flat rate fee. The Trust has made the decision, in consultation with those participating in the Reference Group, to charge a flat rate fee of £2.00 per day – the same rate that other users pay for the first hour.

Kingston Hospital will monitor the use of parking spaces to ensure disabled bays are provided as close as possible to the areas BBHs need to access most frequently and will also ensure that payment terminals are well lit and signposted. The Trust has already increased the number of disabled parking bays available from 33 to 45 with a further three planned in the near future.

The revised BBH car parking process will require a fair amount of organisation to set up and until this has been completed the Trust will maintain the current suspension of charges for BBHs.  The Trust is expecting to introduce the reduced charge for BBHs on 7th January 2019 and will be communicating with patients and visitors in plenty of time prior to the launch to ensure that it is widely known and understood.

Disabled parking spaces are available in the following areas:

Physiotherapy Department (Kingston Surgical Centre)

4 bays

Maternity Unit (Rear of Building)

2 bays

Esher Wing

5 bays

Day Surgery Unit (Car Park 2)

2 bays

Bernard Meade Wing (Car Park 1)

5 bays

Pain Clinic

2 bays

Maple Unit

2 bays

A&E (Car Park 3)

2 bays


Cars displaying valid, current, disabled badges may also park free of charge in the hospital's pay and display car parks.

Wheelchair access

All pedestrian entrances at Kingston Hospital are suitable for wheelchairs. There are disabled toilets in key locations around the hospital, including the main reception area. There are also passenger lifts on every level.

Wheelchairs to take disabled visitors to wards are provided in the main entrances.

Accessible public transport

Kingston hospital is served by a number of bus routes.  Low-floor, wheelchair accessible buses run on all the routes serving the hospital.

From Kingston Hospital forecourt

K2 and K4

From Galsworthy Road

K3, 57, 213 and N213

From Coombe Road (A238)

K2, K3, K4, K5

From Kingston Hill (A308)

57, 85, 213, N213

For further information on bus times and fares please contact Transport for London on 020 7222 1234 or 020 7918 3015 (Text phone). Alternatively, access Transport for London's Journey planner.

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