Dropping off personal belongings for your relative in hospital

Please do not go to the hospital ward to drop off belongings.  This is to keep you safe and limit the spread of Covid 19.   

Please bring personal belongings for your relative to the Main Reception desk in the Main Entrance of the hospital.  The staff there will arrange for a porter to take the items to the ward for you.

Please ensure the property is organised in the following way: 

  • Only bring a small bag that is sealed e.g. a small rucksack or carrier bag sealed with sellotape or masking tape.
  • Please write your relative’s name and the ward on the outside of the bag. Use a marker pen or sticker to put your relative’s name on all personal items if you can. 
  • Ask a friend or relative from outside your household to bring the bag to the Main Reception you are self-isolating.

Hospital wards (excluding ITU, ITU Alex and Hamble)

Items to send:

  • A pair of PJs or other nightwear
  • Mobile phone / tablet, headphones, kindle and charger
  • One change of clothes
  • Reading glasses, dentures and hearing aids  
  • Toothbrush, hairbrush and a small number of other bathroom essentials
  • A small comforting personal item, e.g.  a photo, book or magazine. 

Many people want to bring food for their relative in hospital and we understand why this is important. Please only send small items of food that do not need to go in the fridge. 

ITU, ITU Alex and Hamble

Please do not send a change of clothes unless a member of staff has asked you to send in these.  Please do not send in food. 

Items to send:

  • Mobile phone/ tablet, headphones, and charger.
  • Reading glasses, dentures and hearing aids. 
  • Toothbrush, hairbrush and a small number of other bathroom essentials.
  • A small comforting personal item e.g. a photo, book or magazine.
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