Blood Tests

We provide blood test at Kingston Hospital. Speak to your GP.

Blood test at Kingston Hospital

Please note- due to COVID-19, with effect from Monday 15th June 2020 the Phlebotomy clinic will no longer provide a walk in blood test service. All blood tests will need to be booked by telephoning 079 0110 3018 or 078 2505 4319 to arrange your appointment.

For general enquires regards to appointment please email:

The Blood Test Department is located on the Ground Floor just inside the Main Outpatient Entrance at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Our opening times are Monday to Thursday 08am to 06pm and Fridays 08am to 5:30pm.The service is shut on weekends and bank holidays. Please note that you must book an appointment prior to attend our clinic. Appointment Line: 079 0110 3018 or 078 2505 4319 (between 09:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday)

Blood test for children

Blood tests for children under 7 years of age at Kingston Hospital are by appointment only - to book an appointment, please call 020 8934 6403

All children under the age of 16yrs attending the Phlebotomy should be accompanied by an adult.

Blood tests are carried out to help in the diagnosis, care and treatment of various health conditions and diseases and they may be requested by your GP, your specialist team or nurse. They will give you a blood test form and provide you with information about preparation for your test. This will include:

  • For glucose test- have nothing to eat for 12 hours; drink only water

  • For cholesterol tests- have nothing to eat for 12 hours; drink only water

  • For fasting lipids- have nothing to eat for 12 hours; drink only water

  • Drinking water makes it easier to take your blood

  • If you are having a fasting blood test, medication taken with food will need to wait until after the test.

If you have been asked to have a lactose tolerance test please contact us to book an appointment on 079 0110 3018 or 078 2505 4319. Please note the test will take an hour to complete.

On arrival to the Main Outpatient please follow the sign for Blood test, and take a seat in the Phlebotomy waiting area you will be called at your appointment time.

Please note that some patients may be seen before you due to their need and other services that are running in the department. 

It is helpful if you are wearing garments with sleeves that can easily be pushed up over your elbow or have short sleeves.

Results of your tests will be returned to the person who requested the tests.

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