Blood Tests

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Please speak to your GP if you have any queries about your blood test or ask when your bloods are being taken.

Walk in service for blood tests

Kingston Hospital - This service is available to patients aged 7 years and above, open Monday to Thursday 8:30 to 16:30. However on a Friday this service does not open until 9am to 16:30pm. Please note that people who arrive after 16:00 may be turned away if the service is unusually busy. 

Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons are particularly busy times, so please avoid these if at all possible. The service is shut on weekends and bank holidays. 

Blood grouping is not routinely available through our service if your GP specifically requests this they would have to fill in a request form.

Queen Mary's Hospital - Blood Tests, this service is open from 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Raynes Park - Blood Tests, this service is open from 8:00am - 4:30pm Mon to Thurs and 8.00am -3.30pm on Friday, and is closed from 12-12:45pm for lunch. First thing in the morning is a particularly busy time and early afternoon. This service is available to patients aged 10 years and above. Most blood tests ordered on Kingston Hospital request forms can be accepted at Raynes Park.


The Phlebotomy Rooms are located on the Ground Floor just inside the new Main Outpatient Entrance at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The phlebotomy rooms are located on the Ground Floor Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton and the Ground Floor of Raynes Park Health Centre.

Patient Information

You do not need an appointment to attend the phlebotomy department, as it is an open access service. You will need to bring your blood test request form, or if attending following an Outpatient appointment at Kingston Hospital your appointment follow up form.

When you arrive at phlebotomy, please take a ticket from the dispenser and wait for the number to be called.  Take a seat and wait until that number is displayed.

Priority Patients

There are patients who are attending one-stop clinics who are given priority, it may appear that they are jumping the queue, please be assured this is not the case.

The Phlebotomist will call you into the phlebotomy room and may have to print some labels before they take your blood.  You will then be asked to  sit in a chair and to uncover the arm you prefer to have blood taken from. After confirming identity, blood is taken and put into a special blood bottle. Sometimes more than one blood bottle is filled depending on the type of blood test requested, however, usually only one venepuncture is needed to collect sufficient blood for the tests.   Once the sample has been taken and the procedure finished the phlebotomists will press a pad on your arm to stop the bleeding and to prevent bruising. The phlebotomist will then ask you to continue to press on the pad, whilst they label your blood sample tubes.  After labelling the tubes the phlebotomist will check that the bleeding is stopped and you may then leave.

Glucose Tolerance Tests

This service is a walk in service open Monday-Friday 9.00am-4.30pm, Kingston Hospital

This service is a walk in service open Monday - Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm, Raynes Park

Information for fasting Patients

1. No Alcohol for 16hrs before blood test 2. Nothing to eat or drink except water for 12hrs prior to blood test 3. No smoking for 12hrs before the blood test

It may not be possible to test your blood if you have not followed these instructions.  

Information for Diabetic Patients

  • If you are an insulin dependent diabetic attending for a fasting blood glucose please inform a member of staff on your arrival
  • If you are a diabetic patient on insulin, have your fasting blood test then take your insulin as usual with your breakfast
  • If you are taking oral hypoglycaemic tablets, have your blood test and then take your tablet with your breakfast
  • Carry your blood glucose meter in case you need to use it
  • Because of the waiting period, it is advisable for you to bring in something to have to eat after your blood test.

Please follow any additional instructions that your doctor / nurse may have given you.

Children's Blood Tests All children under the age of 16yrs attending the Phlebotomy should be accompanied by an adult.


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