Your guide to outpatients

We have invested £1.5m to transform our Main Outpatients Department. The initial phase of this redevelopment was completed in  June 2016 and we opened our new Main Outpatient Entrance on Monday 13th June 2016 where you will now find check in kiosks linked to a patient calling system that will direct you to the various elements of your appointment using large information  screens within the outpatient areas. We have a new appointment desk, a new café, and new open plan ground floor and upstairs waiting areas. In addition, you will now find our new phlebotomy rooms just inside the new main entrance in an area where we also hold our anticoagulation clinics. The second and final phase of this work, which completes improvements to the outpatient waiting areas, provides new patient toilet facilities, and refurbishes x ray reception, x ray waiting areas and x ray changing facilities started in August 2016. During this second phase of works, patients for x ray need to go to the main outpatient appointment desk when they arrive (because our radiology reception area is out of action) and wait in the main outpatient waiting area. Please bear with us. We have staff and volunteers on hand to help you when you arrive.


Last year, more than 354,000 appointments were held in our Outpatients Department.

If you are coming for an Outpatient appointment, you may find it helpful to have a read through the guide to outpatients on this site. It details the location of various clinics, what to expect when you visit Outpatients, how we hold information about you and how to get to the hospital.

If you have any appointment query, please contact the teams on the following numbers:

  • Medicine (Cardiology, Haematology, Respiratory, and Elderly Care): 020 8934 2321
  • Specialist Outpatients (Rheumatology, Neurology, Nephrology, Endocrinology & Diabetic Medicine and Diabetes Day Unit): 020 8934 6156
  • Gynaecology (including colposcopy) and Breast: 020 8934 6407
  • Surgery (Colorectal, General, Upper GI & Vascular) and Urology: 020 8934 6041
  • Gastroenterology & Endoscopy: 020 8934 2099
  • Paediatrics: 020 8934 6403
  • Ophthalmology at the Royal Eye Unit: 020 8934 6404
  • Trauma & Orthopaedics: 020 8934 6983 or email
  • Oral Surgery (Dental): 020 8934 6405
  • Audiology and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT): 020 8934 6406
  • Maternity: 020 8934 2290
  • The Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health & Contraception: 020 8974 9331
  • Dermatology & Plastic Surgery: 0208 934 6473


If you wish to cancel an appointment and you do not wish to rebook please email Please note that as you do not wish to have a further appointment you will be discharged back to your GP.


Most patients treated at Kingston Hospital are seen as outpatients, and last year more than 354,000 appointments were held in our outpatient clinics.  We aim to provide you with the best possible care and to ensure that: 

  • you are given an appointment within two weeks if urgent and 5 weeks if routine.   However, this will depend very much upon demand in different clinics at the time;
  • you are seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time, unless an emergency takes priority;
  • you are treated with dignity and respect and offered privacy and confidentiality;
  • you are given enough information to enable you to make informed choices;
  • you are given a named health care professional to co-ordinate your outpatient care;
  • your personal needs are met, which may include disability or ethnicity needs.

Our staff work hard to ensure you are given the best possible care as an outpatient. Sometimes however we will fall short of our own high standards. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how our service can be improved and hope you will consider contacting us to share your experiences.

What to Expect at Your Outpatients Appointment

Checking in for your Outpatient Appointment

Kingston Hospital opened its new Main Outpatient Entrance on Monday 13th June 2016 where you will find check in kiosks linked to a patient calling system that will direct you to the various elements of your appointment using large information  screens within the outpatient areas. Please use the check in kiosks on arrival to check in for your appointment. If you have any queries, or problems checking in at the kiosks, please go to our new appointment desk.

The following clinics have their own local reception areas and you will need to report to these. They will record your arrival, check your details and direct you to the appropriate waiting area. : 

  • Royal Eye Unit
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain Clinic and Diabetic Clinic
  • Oral and Dental Services Clinic
  • Respiratory
  • ENT
  • Radiology

Welcomers are on hand and are always delighted to offer assistance. Our outpatient clerical staff are all in uniform and can be identified by lilac shirts. Our Clerical Team leaders are in purple shirts.


The Waiting Area

All waiting areas have access to toilets and wheelchair accessible toilets.  Most waiting areas have televisions, a pay phone, play areas for children, and refreshments (a RVS café is available in the main Outpatients department, with tea trolleys or drinks machines in other areas).  Patient information is available in all outpatient areas.  

 Waiting times 

Your guide to the NHS says that you should not have to wait longer than half an hour for your appointment and we will endeavour to meet that standard.  Most patients at Kingston Hospital are seen within 30 minutes of their appointment time, but we hope that you will understand that some patients may need a little longer for their appointment depending on the investigations required.  Also, emergency cases sometimes have to be slotted in and doctors may be called away.  In these circumstances, it is possible that your waiting time could increase.  The clinic staff are aware of how frustrating it is to be kept waiting and will keep you informed about any delays.  Please be patient with them as on rare occasions some patients have been aggressive.  The Trust will not tolerate any form of aggression, violence, racial or sexual harassment towards our patients, visitors or staff. 


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