Telephone, TV, Radio and Internet access

There are bedside units for your personal use, called Patientline, which have a telephone, television, radio and access to the internet.  Radio is free but there is a daily charge of £2.90 for television (this charge includes unlimited access to the internet as well as number of games).  A member of the Patientline team, or your nurse, will give you more information on the ward.

Television is free on the children's wards.

Kingston Hospital Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is available on Radio Channel 1 on the Hospedia bedside unit.  If you would like the radio to play a request for a friend or relative in hospital, please call them on 020 8546 7711 extension 2425.

Telephone calls

You can use your bedside telephone, for a fee.  Phone calls from the bedside cost 10p a minute (with a minimum charge of 10p).  Charges to mobile phones, international destinations and other networks will vary. Please read the Patientline information at your bedside, a member of the Patientline team or your nurse can give you more information. There are also payphones around the hospital.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should preferably not be used in clinical areas of the hospital where they may interfere with medical equipment or disturb other patients. Please check with staff before you use your phone. All patients have a right to privacy, so please do not use camera-phones to take pictures in the hospital.

Telephoning the wards  

We have a legal duty to keep any information about you confidential and can only give limited information about you over the phone to your designated next of kin.  Please ask your family and friends to speak to your next of kin about your progress and not to telephone the hospital.  Routine phone enquiries should be made after 10:00am.


Patients and visitors coming to the hospital will now benefit from free wifi thanks to Wi-Fi Spark being installed across the Trust.

The free 15 minute internet access is available in all inpatient areas and wards as well as outpatients and other public areas in the Hospital.

Those using wifi will automatically be connected to the network for the duration. When the 15 free minutes have finished you will have to pay for access. Charges are £4 for 4 hours, £6 for 24 hours, £12 for a week and £16 for a month.

This means patients and visitors whether they are here for a few hours, a few days or more can use the wifi network to keep in touch with family and friends or connected to the online world.

The implementation of the wireless network was carried out by the hospital’s IT team and is part of the Trust’s work to improve patient and visitor experience.

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