Useful Links and Resources

Want to know more about sepsis?

The UK Sepsis Trust


A charity designed to help patients and relatives affected by sepsis. The site provides information for the public about what Sepsis is, recovering from sepsis, personal stories and available Sepsis support groups.  It also provides guidance for healthcare professionals in the recognition and management of sepsis.


Sepsis Alliance 



An American charitable organisation dedicated to raising sepsis awareness.  It was founded by Carl Flatley whose daughter Erin died of Sepsis when she was just 23 years old.


World Sepsis Day

This site is dedicated to promoting the worldwide sepsis day held in September each year. The page is designed to raise awareness and provides a lot of helpful information to help those affected by sepsis

NHS Choices Symptom Checker

A tool for patients to check their symptoms and get advice on what to do next.


NHS Choices


The site aims to help put patients in charge of their healthcare.


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